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#7 Friendly Message – Parent

A tear rolled out when I saw a 70 years old guy staring at a poster, who sell’s aromatic sticks for his living. I realized something while observing the poster which had few faces similar to his age. I didn’t have the guts to walk to him and ask him the reason for the pain he holds on his face. But I realized one thing that very moment I realise that how has the current generation of children shaping and worries me a lot.

When a baby is born, how parents break every single wish they dreamed just for the sake of love that they hold for their children… And today we say it’s just every Parental Routine or even say parents you wouldn’t have given me birth. I laugh at many such childish things.

I guess all parents must make their children work from an age of 16 and never invest in their graduation or high studies or in buying them expressive gadget or motors. And all their hard-earned money should be invested in their retirement.

It follows a simple practical policy of “neither giving nor expecting”.

You must understand family isn’t the money sucker but it is a pull of happiness, responsibilities and commitment of being there always. – Paresh Khatri

After reading this article you might have different reasons to not to agree with me but just ask yourself does YOUR parents love for you was defined with their retirement only? Please don’t judge other parents out of your family you have no right to judge anybody! And if I was able enough to make you understand what parents are and what you hold as responsibility just go and hug your parents & feel their love for you.

Dare you to share this with your parents and request you to share this with your friends.

Stay Blessed Stay Motivated.


Paresh Khatri


Author: Khatri Paresh

Motivational Blogger and Counselor.

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