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Ask Yourself Does Your Actions Justify The Reward You Expect.


While talking to one of my brother on phone I realised that I said “Do we put the justified level of efforts or hard work required to achieve our dreams?” What is the use of seeing the hardest dream for yourself or setting up great height’s for achievement?

Well, dreaming for your future can be challenging but achieving is the hardest. There is a difference between you and the crowd, where the crowd fill follow others dreams and people like you and me will Pursue dreams like big successful legends.


Going through your thought process and finding out what you wish to become in your life is not that hard but while starting to live the journey of your dream will be definitely challenging that is because you are going to bring a new change.

You must understand that success is not just about dreaming and working on it, but in turn it’s the perfect action plan led by you, your willingness and the most important is consistency. While people have great dreams but every time every result is not in favor of victory. While analyzing things around me I realized that many of us take the right path to the journey of our dream (initiative) but there are several rights & lefts in the path of the journey. Many a time failure is not because of luck (may be you believe in) but 99.99% its because of lack of smart work with hard work or ability to judge the right steps required for you to become successful in your dreams.

Imagine:- You wish to become the market leader; do you think that it would be easy if you don’t understand the need of the markets or if you don’t know the trend, will you be able to be successful?

So let’s put things in points to make things easier:

  1. While figuring out your dream will be difficult for the first time so I can refer an article of mine which is DARE TO DARE TO DREAM.

  2. After knowing your dreams, it’s very important that you write down your DREAM on a piece of paper and uphold it to the wall or to your office desk, etc. (the place should be where you spend maximum hours of the day, may be it can be a study desk or office desk, etc.)

  3. After knowing your dreams its time you must be serious about it and lay down Action Plan. Like thousands of people say you to make action plans but the term itself is tricky isn’t it. So let’s make it simple, let’s not make it difficult and let’s make a daily or routine timetable of your work.

    “Achievement of your dreams depends on the the daily steps you take for your dreams.”

  4. Let me place an example; if you are working on your business project, so you need to decide the deadline of completion of your work and accordingly note down all your work in a dairy and divide the days into your work.

  5. At the end of the day you must recheck or review what is left incomplete from the routine that you have made for yourself. If there is any changes required in the way you do things then make it.

  6. D- Most important thing is, Always flow or spread positive energy within you & around you. No matter what it should always be there with you. Do not see shortfalls as mere result but see them as challenges or learning’s for you and your dreams.

    “Remember the success of anything is depended on the ATTITUDE you hold yourself with.”

    Regards by Author;

    Paresh Khatri

Author: Khatri Paresh

Motivational Blogger and Counselor.

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