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Being Selfish

Being Selfish
Being Selfish
The words of the title seem to be starting negative, isn’t it? But it’s actually not!

Having the power to see the positive in every negative is indeed a blessing. You can master it! -Paresh Khatri

While counseling last weekend I realized my words that came out was “Being Selfish”.
Many people around us are super helpful and you too are. It’s a great gesture of humanity and friendship. It’s the process of listening, understanding and helping people by providing suggestions and help in any form. Great, isn’t it?
While listening and solving or helping people around you, have you observed how much Time it demands. You know what happens when you listen to people for their help? They actually turn out to be dependent on you as well. If there dependence on you is too much then imagines what problem you have invited for yourself.  I say this because one has to be dependent on one’s own self.
Let me explain you in a simple manner;
Imagine you are working on your dreams like you are calmly sitting for; a research on company or studying or writing a new code for an application or programming or anything related to your dreams; and then in the middle of your excitements there’s a call or the person jump up to your place and start sharing their problems. You can clearly imagine the diversion of your thoughts, enthusiasm, excitement it can cause.
I never say you to not to help anyone but when you need your time and space be selfish, it’s not a crime! Be your own priority first and then the world because you too have your dream which requires your time and attention. Learn when to stay away from people and crowd. It’s an act of balancing your Time and utilizing your time for your own-self. Ask yourself why would you like to hear anything negative and disturb yourself!
I agree with even those who say sometimes you need to listen out those who need you for help. But it’s only sometimes not always.

Learn to help on important issues and not on every mood swings! – Paresh Khatri

So be selfish in utilizing your time and space so that your dream is never lacks back.
Take Care.
Stay Blessed Stay Motivated
Paresh Khatri


Author: Khatri Paresh

Motivational Blogger and Counselor.

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