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Happy Birthday, To You!

On 9th February 2021, this blog turned 5! I am having a Happy Birthday feeling. I don’t know if I ever expected that I would hold any blog/website so close to myself. But, it’s always a great feeling to be here, writing, learning through the comments, or on my personal chats. It wouldn’t have been possible for me to continue this far without the love and support of my family, my best friends and friends who aren’t that close to me still supported me. So, Thank you from bottom of my heart.

Let me tell you something that life in 5 years for you and me, have gone through a hell of a ride, isn’t it?

But we are happy or will have to learn to be happy with what we have today, I don’t mean you should feel settle in your life with all the problems or opportunities hanging. It’s just I want you to learn to embrace life. I reached this conclusion a little late in life with the worst job on the plate (previous) it taught me the feeling of embracing life as it.

I don’t mean to say feel settle, I know you might be facing several problems or few or non but trust me if you can’t hold that blissfulness then you can’t live a happy life. You will have to learn to be patient enough to come out of the things you go through. I never believed in right time but late when I dropped my paper with a nightmare of job. Today makes me happier for where I have reached. Why I am telling this is because if you take sudden decisions you may not reach to the place where you wish. Its due to you pulled yourself from the very foundation of your dreams.

I know this doesn’t looks as practical today but that’s the hard truth of life. So why not be happy in life, why not thank the creator, why not re-joy every moment of hard times, why not take risk even with a smile and fear, why not live ever moment of hard-times with hope of better tomorrow. Trust yourself and your ability, break the laziest attitude, trust in your life and the things you do, and one day you will reach where you wish without any regret of the yesterday’s time which has passed.

One thing that you have that no one else has is You, Your Mind, Your Story, Your Vision.

Do not doubt your dreams otherwise you won’t be able to make it happen.

Dreams, passion, career, relationships, etc aren’t important than a healthy and happy LIFE.

Take care 🙂

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Regards by Author;

Paresh Khatri


Author: Khatri Paresh

Motivational Blogger and Counselor.

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