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Rest Your Worries And Take A Vacation

You know life isn’t that easy or great as people usually show off. Let it be a traveler or financial trader or housing job or whatever, everybody that you see happy and satisfied, isn’t the reality what you see! Life is like a coin which has two sides, hell and heaven. You may see your …

Motivational Write-ups

Being Selfish

Being Selfish The words of the title seem to be starting negative, isn’t it? But it’s actually not! Having the power to see the positive in every negative is indeed a blessing. You can master it! -Paresh Khatri While counseling last weekend I realized my words that came out was “Being Selfish”. Many people around …

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#1 Friendly Message

#1 Friendly Message by Author: Remember you may have had failures or breakdowns or what not and trust me still life is best. Happiness isn’t a situational thing it’s within you. I see many people saying that give good and good will come to you but I say nothing has to be understood, nothing has to …

Motivational Write-ups

Never Underestimate ME

Never Underestimate ME What people think about you and the possibility of your dreams is non of your business! Their attitude is; it cannot be done because they haven’t seen it. History is being read but somewhere it is also been written by the people with IMAGINATION.   It’s necessary you take responsibility for that …

Motivational Write-ups

Don’t Say But Start Acting Towards Your Dreams

Don’t say  but start acting : I hope the title gives a little idea of what i m gonna speak today… You know like every finger of our hand isn’t same in shape and length so are we. The best thing in your body is your finger prints, how uniquely different they are from others.. …

Motivational Write-ups

Live Without Regrets

The extraordinary you makes you a real you; cry, laugh, scream, love do whatever you want to do to live the life you wanna live because their is no one stopping you.”BUT YOURSELF” Use all the time you have in making what you wish because you will never have this time again.