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Being Selfish

Being Selfish The words of the title seem to be starting negative, isn’t it? But it’s actually not! Having the power to see the positive in every negative is indeed a blessing. You can master it! -Paresh Khatri While counseling last weekend I realized my words that came out was “Being Selfish”. Many people around …

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Coffee On Wall

Coffee On Wall I found this article in my notes of 2010 and thought to share it out here. As this small piece of article defines great Human Values and Human Gesture. Hope you like and don’t forget to comment below. I sat with my friend in a well-known coffee shop in a neighboring town …

Friendly Message, Motivational Write-ups

#2 Friendly Message

#2 Friendly Message Heart broken it’s ok! This week I was in an observation that 70% of people I meet were heart-broken , so I realized that I must write out a little on this. I can really understand that breakups with loved ones or besties or bad experiences, feels a lot of pain in your …

Friendly Message, Motivational Write-ups

#1 Friendly Message

#1 Friendly Message by Author: Remember you may have had failures or breakdowns or what not and trust me still life is best. Happiness isn’t a situational thing it’s within you. I see many people saying that give good and good will come to you but I say nothing has to be understood, nothing has to …

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Broken In Love and Forgotten Your Dreams?

Broken In Love and Forgotten Your Dreams? Hey, how are you? Did you ever had a break up with your loved ones? If yes then you would have been depressed and would have gone nuts over your situations and would have forgotten your dreams. Trust me I can really understand you, how you would be …

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Ask Yourself Does Your Actions Justify The Reward You Expect.

While talking to one of my brother on phone I realised that I said “Do we put the justified level of efforts or hard work required to achieve our dreams?” What is the use of seeing the hardest dream for yourself or setting up great height’s for achievement? Well, dreaming for your future can be …

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