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#7 Friendly Message – Parent

A tear rolled out when I saw a 70 years old guy staring at a poster, who sell’s aromatic sticks for his living. I realized something while observing the poster which had few faces similar to his age. I didn’t have the guts to walk to him and ask him the reason for the pain he …

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Wake Up With Positivity

Waking Up is the most important element of starting your day which impacts on your full day success. Remember positive day depends on how you wake-up everyday.   Wake Up With Positivity -by T.T. Rangarajan

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Cristiano Ronaldo Is A True Inspiration

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zW5gThpHlIQ&feature=youtu.be I couldn’t resist to write on this event of EURO 2016 Cup. When Cristiano Ronaldo got injured and that 2 minutes phase of he leaving the football ground in tears taught me a lot of things. When he felled to the ground and cried, it showed love and disappointment for the passion of his …

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The Greatness Within You

Greatness is Within You!!! You are Born not just to be an ordinary human being, you are born with the greatest ability of visualizing your dreams and you have all courage & capabilities to achieve all your dreams. You do not lack anything but you just need to master that particular skills so as to …

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Business Motivation Success Stories of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google, Oprah

Words by Successful People: Harder the Race Sweeter is the Victory… Take Care 🙂

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Life Of An Enterpreneur

Life Of An Enterpreneur: Decide what you want, nothing is impossible and hardest things don’t come to people who don’t dare to chase their dreams… Be your Bose. #Learn #Fall #Rise #PickupYourself #tryAgain but #NeverEverGiveUp Harder You learn Larger You Grow in Life… Take Care and Never Give-up 🙂 Words by Author: Paresh Khatri.

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Chetan Bhagat On How To Achieve Big Things In Life

ACHIEVING BIG GOALS: Setting Up A Clear Picture of Your GOAL: If you ask me this is the simplest thing but we always complicate it by over thinking. Here, the clear goal is what you want to achieve and what time you want to achieve this goal so that you can actually define how much …