About The Author

About The Author:
Hello, I am Paresh Khatri, an MBA (Finance) and Motivational Blogger.
I believe life is the biggest gift to us and it’s  really important for us to achieve our dreams in life.
Have you ever thought with no goal in life would life be INTERESTING? Imagine if you wake-up with no plan in mind how would your day be?
So there has to be something that has to drive you to the ultimate satisfaction of joy in life. While working toward your dreams you may face a lot of problems and challenges and few people easily get discourage or de-motivated and eventually give up. 
So this makes me to ink my views on topic like Motivation to LIFE. I am here to promote more and more positive vibes and motivate & help people so that every person must be happy and motivated in their life to achieve his or her DREAMS.
Take Care.
Stay Blessed Stay Motivated.
Paresh Khatri

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