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Don’t Worry 

There are two things in life; one you must not expect from life and other is life will never be the same… You know there is no one who’s not having a problem in their life even the richest man on planet has great level of problems. But the point is how many people literally worry about their problems? Not all.
Life is not to be lived under any worry or pressure. You know life will never justified what it brings to you. One day you would be seeing a couple together another day you see them separated, one day you would see the fastest runner holding a trophy and may be other day you would see him failing, one day life would look so happy and beautiful and may be one day you would see a king beg. With just a blink of an eye you would see happiness turning into breakdowns or sadness.
I smiled a little on see what I have been through and I realized that these things don’t break you until and unless you decide to complain or cry for these breakdowns or failures. If you see from my eyes they are merely an incidences that you must take as learning and again back yourself up and start working on the dreams that you hold.
I can promise you no worry can every cure your failure or breakdown or sadness but indeed your Will can. If you see life as low then even the brightest sun will look dark. But what’s the point of being down? Why you wanna hold yourself down? Best thing is you can accept the way it has come and start reworking on your decisions which might be wrong and I am sure you will make the best when you accept and forget what worries you…
Do not let your personal emotional narrowness break you, trust me you are much more capable than you could ever expect.
“Worry is a sign of weakness and courage is a sign of bravery. “
Are you really weak I can bet on that you aren’t?
Best thing is to start accepting things and if you don’t like it change it without thinking about what the world will think. Learn to be happy even when you hold nothing. Life is great much greater then you can imagine and happiness comes to those who work hard for their dreams and relationships or anything that worries you. The less you worry the more focus you become on your dreams and harder you work.
Learn to say yourself, “So what if it didn’t work out today but one day it will” or “So what it was the wrong decision of your life, let’s retry what you wish to have”. Don’t give up.
Take this mantra:
“The less you worry the more happier you are and more focus you are. If you don’t have something today it literally doesn’t mean you wont have it ever.”
Change your attitude towards life. Trust me you can achieve anything you have dreamed of, let it be dreams or relationship.
Take care and stay tune for my book soon to be available which on #life.
Feel free to contact me if you need any suggestions.
Stay Blessed Stay Motivated.
Regards by Author;
Paresh Khatri


Author: Khatri Paresh

Motivational Blogger and Counselor.


  1. Words show how u could be once u decide to be what u actually want in ur own life and bro u r dong a gr8 job keep it up

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