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Hola, it’s been really long for me to write and talk to you through this blog. Well, I have been in a jumble of thoughts and fights with my thoughts which made me still on writing and growing the attitude I always had until I stop writing but this morning with every weekend battle with my thoughts of being a victim of my non-growing life scale and even victim of some sort of nepotism I came across a beautiful quote.

The worst bankrupt in the WORLD is the person who has lost his enthusiasm!

Simply brought me to a deep peace of all the nonsense thoughts I had since the year I stopped writing. Very true, the Quote is so self-explanatory and breathtaking and an eye-opener too!

Yes, Life is a one time ticket to happiness and is also a very precious gift. Whatever you have or you don’t have is just a matter of materialist and time bond happiness, which will first amuse you with joy, if you have it and victimize you if you don’t have it, but when the joy is achieved it will bring more doubts of having more or showing off more or fear of something more than what you have. Quite complicated as it sounds but this is a daily routine of people’s bond with material and thoughts related to them.

ENTHUSIASM is the foundation of everyone’s life. Time is uncontrollable and simply overvalued! Why do I say overvalued because ask yourself how much time do you spend on enhancing your mental well being over the time you waste on a social app’s and later regret.

The point is that if you don’t feel excited about a particular thing in your life that you do on daily bases or a job you are into or a business that’s not fitting your thoughts or a mere traveler by thought and not places or the growth you wish to have. Everything or anything you do on a day to day bases will make you feel unsatisfied or salve or victim of the work or study or anything you do!

So, be very honest with yourself in keeping a check with yourself! Just stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself do you have the enthusiasm for what you do? Or observe what you do in your free time which has made you a victim of an un-wishful routine?

When you know the answer and if it’s not the way you wanted it to than TAKE ACTION and find that thing in your life that keeps you motivated and keeps you filled with positive thoughts. It’s not that difficult to overcome this feeling of being lost but remember it’s a journey of experiencing life with ups and downs πŸ™‚

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Regards by Author;
Paresh Khatri


Author: Khatri Paresh

Motivational Blogger and Counselor.


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