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Failure to Success Is A Journey

What a realization I have towards failing!
If you are reading this now let me tell you what it’s about being failing to me;
I am always excited when failure hits me down… it’s actually transforms me and makes me happy to put up my best foot next time. I don’t feel heart-broken or feel sad about it. It inspires me to do more and change things I do in a way. It’s demands me for being disciple in my life and grow more focus towards my dreams and goals. Tell’s me to buy a pen and book to write down my mistakes and redefine the blue prints of how to make it success.
That’s what it is!
And I know you feel the same, it’s just many a time failure is dealt with emotions but not excitement. I know you will say it’s easy to say for me but in reality it isn’t, ask yourself what are you up to. The dream that you see for yourself is similar to burning the fire torch in marathon and have you ever heard that flames ends before reaching to where it has to. NO! So why to feel sad and curse your luck. You hit “like” on one of my quotes on Instagram but then later you count numbers of attempts you have failed in.


Its Not About 1000 Times You Have Failed, It’s All About One More Time You Tried; Defines the NEVER GIVING UP Attitude In You. – Paresh Khatri

I know it’s not easy as we are driven by emotions but dreams must not be given up that easy.
I know you want that one success desperately but imagine if it was so easy to be the best out of the world wouldn’t it worth the fight?
Let me tell you a fact, I am writing this just after I was unsuccessful in something for which I have worked hard, for which I gave up everything and bought everything to stack.
But I am not GIVING IT UP.
Don’t GIVE-UP until it’s done. Achieve it and don’t lose focus. Sleep less, adjust for time being but get out there and finish what you started! And if you are still find it difficult go to that person whom you have promised that you will achieve it and if you don’t find that person ask yourself in mirror, Do you really wanna give up?
Take Care.
Stay Blessed Stay Motivated
Regards by Author;
Paresh Khatri


Author: Khatri Paresh

Motivational Blogger and Counselor.


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