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Habitual Failure?

Habitual Failure? How many times have you Failed? Countable?
If you keep failing isn’t it a habit! Failing in one thing repeatedly is a habit.

Remember to see the bright sun you will have to come out of your dark room. It isn’t easy and neither it’s difficult too.

How many people have you asked for overcome your failure? Answer yourself if they have been lucky do they really have the power or luck to make you succeed? If yes, then you are in right pitch of your life.
But even after listening them have you succeeded? No!
Imagine you are cooking your favorite dish, let it be a meal or a dessert. When you are done and you start to consume what you have cooked and realise in the first bite that there is no salt or sugar. How would it taste? Unsatisfactory or either unsuccessful!
My friend success is same. You are lacking one very important ingredient of success which is CONFIDENCE in yourself popularly know is Self-Confidence; without salt no meal is good then how without confidence within yourself will get you to success. I know you work extremely hard but it’s your confidence that not allowing you to win.
Trust me you don’t need anyone to tell you how to prepare for your dreams. You are the best person in place to judge yourself and train yourself too. The person you are asking help because you have an impression that this person can do and you alone can’t succeed.
Do you know your mind is so well structured that it can achieve everything that you imagine. Having courage, of cross-questioning yourself is the best counselor within you.
I don’t say you won’t learn any from people you ask help for, but it’s you at the end who’s sitting at the roller coaster of your life and not they. Trust me you are capable enough to prepare for your dreams.
Things you must follow;
  • You have to change the pattern of doing things.
  • You have to have confidence in whatever you do.
  • Trust your gut feeling and don’t doubt it.
  • Don’t live others dreams; I was reading a tweet which says “there only one Warren Buffett and we have him.” Quit if it isn’t your dream. Remember it’s never too late to start something new which is your passion.
  • Work hard but Smart too and don’t waste time.
  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath when discouraged or stressed.
  • Write your dream in your heart and mind and not only on a piece of paper.
Take Care.
Stay Blessed Stay Motivated
Paresh Khatri


Author: Khatri Paresh

Motivational Blogger and Counselor.

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