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On One’s Own

on one's own
On One’s Own
on one's own
You know when I was writing on Being Selfish I realized few things how life has became people dependent. On “your own” is something I understood when I was distanced from my relationship. You know I was among those dependent personalities during my relationship and after my relationship distance me I began to depend on family and friends. I remember once my dad said, “Son, a man like you (me) who has the aspiration of becoming one own dreamer must have the quality of controlling one’s own emotion.”
Many might be thing why I am telling the past’s I have been too. It’s actually because when I say you to be self-dependent or being on one’s own, I have literally tried and succeed.
While counseling one of my friend, who said today I can’t trust even my best friend who actually laugh behind my back for my problems. I, as an author believed my friend is not facing a problem about whom to trust but is facing an emotional unbalance in her mind.
So that bring me to you (the reader);
Why your emotions need anyone from your honey bees?
Why do people need another person to hear their emotional dilemmas?
Why you need to create trouble for your own-self by allowing people to control you? This is a very important thing you must understand and observe. The friends who keep talking about things that might hurt your calmness are the one who are inviting trouble for your peaceful mind.
So what you do?
One best proven practice to how to control your emotional displeasure is “MEDITATION”. The moment you calm your-self when you wake-up or when you feel mood swings is like your best friend (mediation) who actually tells you what’s the meaning of “soulful peace”! It allows you to relax and generate a lot of positive aura around you.
You must control speaking out in public about how you feel or control over your emotions when you speak.
Trust me you aren’t the only one in the bus of problem. I believe failing or having problem is the process of life which makes the best out of you. How would you understand life when you don’t have those waves? If a patient heart waves are straight then they are no more. So it’s important to pass through the waves of problems.
Push your-self in being happy and busy, which means work on what you like.
Learn to make your dreams your priority and not mood swings.
Take Care.
Stay Blessed Stay Motivated
Paresh Khatri


Author: Khatri Paresh

Motivational Blogger and Counselor.


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