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Relax, Even When Life is Trouble-full


Hi, it’s been too long we haven’t connected here. It’s a blessing to write my thoughts, out here and see your support for the same.

So, after a really long time what am I suppose to draw text on?

I was reading my own articles and I have always asked you to dream hard and work much harder to achieve your dreams but recently I encountered that sometimes its good to stop and take a break from everything. I have been doing a lot of stuff lately but recently I discovered a point of overloaded stress and the demotivation which made me num. I know it’s sounds like I am telling my problem to you but no I am telling you this because it’s fine if you went through this too.

Sometimes you much take a back seat to relax and accept the flaws or failure’s. It’s okay if you are struggling with your relationships, business, job, dreams, or anything.

There are times you aren’t happy with the outcome, surroundings, manager/boss or with your employees or team or the place where you stay or a Canadian type dream.

I always remember what my dad says to me in my hardest times, the struggle you are into is just a small phase of your life it won’t last forever. With these difficulties in your life, you will have to be patient enough to let the phase pass-through. With the hardest try, usually there is either success or a heartbreaking failure.

But in all this process sometimes you must learn to relax and let-go the thoughts that are running all through your mind and building stress. Relax for a time and you will soon realize time will give all the answers to all the  mental thoughts of failure.

If you aren’t happy with your business or employee fire them all from your mind and remember karma will always pay-off and move on from all your negative thoughts and learn the art of being happy and not stressful because it won’t last forever.

Just remember to lay down without all the gadgets and sours once in a while and just feel yourself, you will get answers to all your questions.

I recommend, a very inspirational book by Guru Guar Gopal Das – Life amazing secret’s (click here to read).

Regards by Author;
Paresh Khatri


Author: Khatri Paresh

Motivational Blogger and Counselor.

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