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Stressful Business or Job?


Through this age you might be thinking about changing you job or quitting your job or business.

Today let’s deal with few real facts of your stress from work life and career: There are different kinds of people but the issue is the same. While talking to many people this year about happiness or peace of mind from work, I thought to write this piece of article.

Usually I hear people aren’t happy with their job and are craving to quit and start something of their own. It’s true that people with great potential aren’t happy with what they doing today. Either they aren’t happy with their superiors because of many reason and in this big world of global MNC world people are either over qualified at small benches or under qualified at high benches. I hear a lot that they want to quit because of their superiors but the myth is the digital figure on day one and other reason is laziness to start their own living.

Few days back I was listening to one of the most renowned person SADHGURU who quotes “if a dog can take care of his living then why can’t human being, even when they are the only creature with a useful brain.”

Well the next type of people I encounter were the people who are in business and yet not happy and can’t quit and go beyond their ego and take up something else. While counseling to few very smart Start-up Soul’s in my contact, I found the same level of distress as a Salary Titled Soul. Shocking but it’s true that many of the business ideas are really great but are unsuccessful today (you never know what could change tomorrow). Business is never an easy task. It’s like fighting for one’s existence. It requires money flow too and when it generally don’t leads to green notes its depressing for many.

So for first category of Soul that is Salary Titled who wanna do something of there own must understand that if and only if your intuitions are very strong go for it and try. REMEMBER the probability of failing depends on your willingness and vise-versa, and if you try you would know more than the person who is working 12hours of the day for someone’s else dream which I belief is slavery.

To the second Category of Depressed Fortune Soul’s for a time being take a break, go on for a vacation without carrying the load of their business or keep your ego aside for time being and take up a job if you have failed tremendously, considering as break down from the stressful entrepreneur life and explore more options to find peace and then restart.

I strongly believe in – any person isn’t a good or bad business man or women what doesn’t work is the idea and only idea fails, so never think that you can’t be a businessman or businesswomen if one business fails!

Well quitting a job and trying to start your own dream plan isn’t that hard and vise-versa. In both cases you will definitely think about society. Ask yourself one thing wake up and going to a job along with tablets and jailed happiness is getting you anywhere in society? Or when the business books loss will your society come and take care of you! Society is a good idea to socialize but plays no role deciding what you deserve!

Grow up and listen to your heart and even when you do mistakes out of your choices, life is still beautiful and you can still be what you wish. No matter what you age is, learn to say it’s okay I tried and keep putting the best foot forward. At least then you will understand that crying every day isn’t better than trying!

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Regards by Author;
Paresh Khatri

Author: Khatri Paresh

Motivational Blogger and Counselor.

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