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Rest Your Worries And Take A Vacation

You know life isn’t that easy or great as people usually show off. Let it be a traveler or financial trader or housing job or whatever, everybody that you see happy and satisfied, isn’t the reality what you see! Life is like a coin which has two sides, hell and heaven. You may see your …

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Failure to Success Is A Journey

What a realization I have towards failing! If you are reading this now let me tell you what it’s about being failing to me; I am always excited when failure hits me down… it’s actually transforms me and makes me happy to put up my best foot next time. I don’t feel heart-broken or feel …

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#7 Friendly Message – Parent

A tear rolled out when I saw a 70 years old guy staring at a poster, who sell’s aromatic sticks for his living. I realized something while observing the poster which had few faces similar to his age. I didn’t have the guts to walk to him and ask him the reason for the pain he …

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Habitual Failure?

Habitual Failure? How many times have you Failed? Countable? If you keep failing isn’t it a habit! Failing in one thing repeatedly is a habit. Remember to see the bright sun you will have to come out of your dark room. It isn’t easy and neither it’s difficult too. How many people have you asked …

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Coffee On Wall

Coffee On Wall I found this article in my notes of 2010 and thought to share it out here. As this small piece of article defines great Human Values and Human Gesture. Hope you like and don’t forget to comment below. I sat with my friend in a well-known coffee shop in a neighboring town …

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#6 Friendly Message

#6 Friendly Message – ReFocus Hello, It has been more than a month I haven’t written anything and then I realised that I have lost vision or focus in what I was doing. It will happen with you as well, may be because of this glorious world around you which can create distraction from your …

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#4 Friendly Message

#4 Friendly Message You wake-up, there a sense of realisation that, things aren’t pretty same as they were few days or months or years back. May be the feeling is failure of your dreams or job or career or love or breakup and what not. You know I woke up at 4 o’clock in morning …

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#1 Friendly Message

#1 Friendly Message by Author: Remember you may have had failures or breakdowns or what not and trust me still life is best. Happiness isn’t a situational thing it’s within you. I see many people saying that give good and good will come to you but I say nothing has to be understood, nothing has to …

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Don’t Worry 

There are two things in life; one you must not expect from life and other is life will never be the same… You know there is no one who’s not having a problem in their life even the richest man on planet has great level of problems. But the point is how many people literally …

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Wake Up With Positivity

Waking Up is the most important element of starting your day which impacts on your full day success. Remember positive day depends on how you wake-up everyday.   Wake Up With Positivity -by T.T. Rangarajan