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Habitual Failure?

Habitual Failure? How many times have you Failed? Countable? If you keep failing isn’t it a habit! Failing in one thing repeatedly is a habit. Remember to see the bright sun you will have to come out of your dark room. It isn’t easy and neither it’s difficult too. How many people have you asked …

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#2 Friendly Message

#2 Friendly Message Heart broken it’s ok! This week I was in an observation that 70% of people I meet were heart-broken , so I realized that I must write out a little on this. I can really understand that breakups with loved ones or besties or bad experiences, feels a lot of pain in your …

Friendly Message, Motivational Write-ups

#1 Friendly Message

#1 Friendly Message by Author: Remember you may have had failures or breakdowns or what not and trust me still life is best. Happiness isn’t a situational thing it’s within you. I see many people saying that give good and good will come to you but I say nothing has to be understood, nothing has to …

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Are You A Victim Of The Word DESTINY

I don’t believe in destiny but I strongly believe in hard-work. You know why maximum of the people usually give-up is they decide that it’s all destiny. They sit back and cry but never believe in them-self or in their hard-work or in their strength. I know what you dreaming of isn’t easy to accomplish …

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Broken In Love and Forgotten Your Dreams?

Broken In Love and Forgotten Your Dreams? Hey, how are you? Did you ever had a break up with your loved ones? If yes then you would have been depressed and would have gone nuts over your situations and would have forgotten your dreams. Trust me I can really understand you, how you would be …

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Forever Hungry

Well this time I am not gonna write about any steps or etc. But I am gonna speak to you about the velocity that you hold within yourself… I know you have a great dreams like me and I even appreciate you for that but it’s time you must kick-start working on your dreams. It’s …

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Never Underestimate ME

Never Underestimate ME What people think about you and the possibility of your dreams is non of your business! Their attitude is; it cannot be done because they haven’t seen it. History is being read but somewhere it is also been written by the people with IMAGINATION.   It’s necessary you take responsibility for that …

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Problems Or Challenges are Like Head and Tail of Your Coin


Life one of the world’s priceless gift to human being. It is said that when a human was created he was gifted with a power of vision but vision doesn’t come to people that easy.   To Drawing your Vision to Success or Dream will not be that easy…! It will be in your passion, in …

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Life Of An Enterpreneur

Life Of An Enterpreneur: Decide what you want, nothing is impossible and hardest things don’t come to people who don’t dare to chase their dreams… Be your Bose. #Learn #Fall #Rise #PickupYourself #tryAgain but #NeverEverGiveUp Harder You learn Larger You Grow in Life… Take Care and Never Give-up 🙂 Words by Author: Paresh Khatri.

Motivational Write-ups

Don’t Say But Start Acting Towards Your Dreams

Don’t say  but start acting : I hope the title gives a little idea of what i m gonna speak today… You know like every finger of our hand isn’t same in shape and length so are we. The best thing in your body is your finger prints, how uniquely different they are from others.. …