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#7 Friendly Message – Parent

A tear rolled out when I saw a 70 years old guy staring at a poster, who sell’s aromatic sticks for his living. I realized something while observing the poster which had few faces similar to his age. I didn’t have the guts to walk to him and ask him the reason for the pain he …

Motivational Write-ups

Being Selfish

Being Selfish The words of the title seem to be starting negative, isn’t it? But it’s actually not! Having the power to see the positive in every negative is indeed a blessing. You can master it! -Paresh Khatri While counseling last weekend I realized my words that came out was “Being Selfish”. Many people around …

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On One’s Own

on one's own

On One’s Own You know when I was writing on Being Selfish I realized few things how life has became people dependent. On “your own” is something I understood when I was distanced from my relationship. You know I was among those dependent personalities during my relationship and after my relationship distance me I began …

Friendly Message, Motivational Write-ups

#5 Friendly Message “Confuse”

#5 Friendly Message “Confuse” How many people you know, who know that they are confused? I believe knowing that you are confused makes it easier for people to understand that they might not be in right path or what they do for their dreams might not end up contributing to their dreams. Imagine this line …

Friendly Message, Motivational Write-ups

#3 Friendly Message – Decision

This week was fortunate enough to meet few of my friends who called me up for counseling on the decisions that are now affecting them which they didn’t knew until they confessed themselves. If decisions that has disturbed you why you don’t go back to where you were happy, why don’t you rethink? Many a times in …

Friendly Message, Motivational Write-ups

#1 Friendly Message

#1 Friendly Message by Author: Remember you may have had failures or breakdowns or what not and trust me still life is best. Happiness isn’t a situational thing it’s within you. I see many people saying that give good and good will come to you but I say nothing has to be understood, nothing has to …