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On One’s Own

on one's own

On One’s Own You know when I was writing on Being Selfish I realized few things how life has became people dependent. On “your own” is something I understood when I was distanced from my relationship. You know I was among those dependent personalities during my relationship and after my relationship distance me I began …

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#6 Friendly Message

#6 Friendly Message – ReFocus Hello, It has been more than a month I haven’t written anything and then I realised that I have lost vision or focus in what I was doing. It will happen with you as well, may be because of this glorious world around you which can create distraction from your …

Friendly Message, Motivational Write-ups

#2 Friendly Message

#2 Friendly Message Heart broken it’s ok! This week I was in an observation that 70% of people I meet were heart-broken , so I realized that I must write out a little on this. I can really understand that breakups with loved ones or besties or bad experiences, feels a lot of pain in your …

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Trust Yourself Before You Fall Out Of Depression.

Trust Yourself Before You Fall Out Of Depression. Don’t you feel too much noise around you? Sometimes in life we fall down and feel like there is no strength to back up. So you put a mask on your face when you come to school or office. Pretending that everything is okay when is not …

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Never Underestimate ME

Never Underestimate ME What people think about you and the possibility of your dreams is non of your business! Their attitude is; it cannot be done because they haven’t seen it. History is being read but somewhere it is also been written by the people with IMAGINATION.   It’s necessary you take responsibility for that …

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It Doesn’t Matter What People Say

It doesn't matter

Hey good morning, It has been a great start to the year, even though the global market isn’t at its best, but our sentiments of achieving our dreams hasn’t shed off. Like me you may hear negative for yourself from the society but does it really matter ? And if it does matter for you …

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Business Motivation Success Stories of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google, Oprah

Words by Successful People: Harder the Race Sweeter is the Victory… Take Care 🙂

Motivational Write-ups

Don’t Say But Start Acting Towards Your Dreams

Don’t say  but start acting : I hope the title gives a little idea of what i m gonna speak today… You know like every finger of our hand isn’t same in shape and length so are we. The best thing in your body is your finger prints, how uniquely different they are from others.. …

Motivational Write-ups

Have You Ever Thought To Gift yourself your Dream on your Birthday

A good morning always starts with some productivity of developing your own self.. While travelling this morning via railway and watching few blogging tutorials something that hit my mind was the coming birthday of mine…   While usually the human nature is little diplomatic when anyone ask you what shall they gift you… and our …