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Rest Your Worries And Take A Vacation

You know life isn’t that easy or great as people usually show off. Let it be a traveler or financial trader or housing job or whatever, everybody that you see happy and satisfied, isn’t the reality what you see! Life is like a coin which has two sides, hell and heaven. You may see your …

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Failure to Success Is A Journey

What a realization I have towards failing! If you are reading this now let me tell you what it’s about being failing to me; I am always excited when failure hits me down… it’s actually transforms me and makes me happy to put up my best foot next time. I don’t feel heart-broken or feel …

Motivational Write-ups

On One’s Own

on one's own

On One’s Own You know when I was writing on Being Selfish I realized few things how life has became people dependent. On “your own” is something I understood when I was distanced from my relationship. You know I was among those dependent personalities during my relationship and after my relationship distance me I began …

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#2 Friendly Message

#2 Friendly Message Heart broken it’s ok! This week I was in an observation that 70% of people I meet were heart-broken , so I realized that I must write out a little on this. I can really understand that breakups with loved ones or besties or bad experiences, feels a lot of pain in your …

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Are You A Victim Of The Word DESTINY

I don’t believe in destiny but I strongly believe in hard-work. You know why maximum of the people usually give-up is they decide that it’s all destiny. They sit back and cry but never believe in them-self or in their hard-work or in their strength. I know what you dreaming of isn’t easy to accomplish …

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Millionaire Mantra By Paresh Khatri

Millionaire Mantra By Paresh Khatri: Life isn’t easy man… It’s more complicated than what you see. I have been observing people around me, who are hungry for their dreams but aren’t able to shake things up for themselves but are actually shaken-up by what’s happening around them. Do not get disturbed by things happening around …

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Is Success Defined with Lucky or Unlucky You…?


While traveling through the thoughts of mine, a word hit my brain to think over the word LUCK… Just when you change the spelling of luck into lucky or unlucky. It absolutely changes the meaning. Is it really the fortune that defines you are lucky or unlucky ? Think again…   Luck is not a …

Motivational Write-ups

Don’t Say But Start Acting Towards Your Dreams

Don’t say  but start acting : I hope the title gives a little idea of what i m gonna speak today… You know like every finger of our hand isn’t same in shape and length so are we. The best thing in your body is your finger prints, how uniquely different they are from others.. …