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Hola, it’s been really long for me to write and talk to you through this blog. Well, I have been in a jumble of thoughts and fights with my thoughts which made me still on writing and growing the attitude I always had until I stop writing but this morning with every weekend battle with …

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Failure to Success Is A Journey

What a realization I have towards failing! If you are reading this now let me tell you what it’s about being failing to me; I am always excited when failure hits me down… it’s actually transforms me and makes me happy to put up my best foot next time. I don’t feel heart-broken or feel …

Motivational Write-ups

Don’t Worry 

There are two things in life; one you must not expect from life and other is life will never be the same… You know there is no one who’s not having a problem in their life even the richest man on planet has great level of problems. But the point is how many people literally …

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Cristiano Ronaldo Is A True Inspiration

I couldn’t resist to write on this event of EURO 2016 Cup. When Cristiano Ronaldo got injured and that 2 minutes phase of he leaving the football ground in tears taught me a lot of things. When he felled to the ground and cried, it showed love and disappointment for the passion of his football …

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Forever Hungry

Well this time I am not gonna write about any steps or etc. But I am gonna speak to you about the velocity that you hold within yourself… I know you have a great dreams like me and I even appreciate you for that but it’s time you must kick-start working on your dreams. It’s …

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It Doesn’t Matter What People Say

It doesn't matter

Hey good morning, It has been a great start to the year, even though the global market isn’t at its best, but our sentiments of achieving our dreams hasn’t shed off. Like me you may hear negative for yourself from the society but does it really matter ? And if it does matter for you …

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Happy New Year 2016

  A year Full of great magnitude with full of Good & Bad. While Global noise was seen in Global economy, Global Share Market, etc. What didn’t went away from you was your inspiration of never giving-up. I don’t say everyone had a great 2015. But life is a mixture of good and bad times. …

Motivational Write-ups

Follow Your HEART

Why all say us to follow your heart because the true success and joy of what you do…Lias in this phrase.. How many successful stories you have heard and anyone has said they were opposite to this phrase ? I guess no ONE..