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Rest Your Worries And Take A Vacation

You know life isn’t that easy or great as people usually show off.
Let it be a traveler or financial trader or housing job or whatever, everybody that you see happy and satisfied, isn’t the reality what you see!
Life is like a coin which has two sides, hell and heaven. You may see your friends happy with what they are doing but they or no one will tell you what they face during their course of journey.
Let be a CEO of a reputed company or let it be an employee with 50k salary or let be that wealthy business man or let it be that kid running on a ground with ball to hit the goal… everyone is facing something  bad or sad or grave or dissatisfaction. In simple word’s he or she is struggling with something or the other in their life.
So don’t be disheartened when life does not goes as per your plans. It’s part of the journey called Life. I can understand when time is aging and success is not pouring like a rain and flood of failure is in your hands… Trust me “Life Is Still Beautiful”
Take a break and relax your mind… which may not be successful for me but may be you can take time out for yourself.
Worries and thinking over and over again, tells me that you are Alive!!!
Let me tell you something. I took a vacation for myself to relax but i was asked by my best friend, “Why you don’t take a proper sleep brother and rest your work? You know that moment I had a realization that I must rest my worries and my too much of working attitude, this isn’t about the vacation thing but how much we worry or work and stress Oneself about tomorrow.
You know the reason we worry is we aren’t doing what we want to DO!!! So take a break or vacation you will get all questions answered without a pinch of worry.
Regards by Author;
Paresh Khatri


Author: Khatri Paresh

Motivational Blogger and Counselor.

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