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Worry, a common face of life that we all go through in the process of life. Well I am no exemption to that too. What’s bothering you today? Is it your desirable job, funds for your business, missing love at home or with loved once, loneliness or your failures?

I am here to tell you one thing, worrying is a most powerful analyst of your one-self. When you are worried it means that you know what is the problem (many people don’t even know what problems they are into) but too much worrying will turn you helpless and hopeless, don’t do that. You may not be successful today or immediately but you can be successful one day. Half of the problem with worry is our impatience, we cry with one try only and usually give-up on things and most importantly on our-self. If India’s legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar had to practice day-in-day-out to reach where he is today, so are you an exception?

When you know what is the problem and you keep trying and trying again to hit things to solve your worries/problems and still fail, does not mean you don’t deserve it. I always believe one must keep doing what he/she can to kill down their problems but never over expect time to be right in place with you. At the right time you will be rewarded for everything that you have worked harder for.

Always remember be flexible to cross an extra mile to solve your problems. – Paresh Khatri

If it’s the love you miss then you have to build an empire of love within yourself, be honest and kind eventually you will see miraculous fruit of love will root but it will take time.

 If it’s anything with your business or project or start-up or new job or anything else you think of – have you ever tried to understand whatever steps are you taking are 100% satisfactory for the rewards you expect or have you thought a new process of solving your problems or worry? Think again.

I understand how it feels when trying everything and still not getting out of it but trust me you haven’t tried everything yet.

The best treasure hunt is to find that ultimate solution to your worry. – Paresh Khatri

Stay Blessed Stay Motivated.


Paresh Khatri


Author: Khatri Paresh

Motivational Blogger and Counselor.


  1. Hey its very interesting and it’s very touchy as it connects each of us!!!!

    well thought and great execution of words

    Suggestions to improve :
    I think title must be different instead of worry, because title worry doesn’t satisfy your great thoughts

    Keep it up and keep writing 😊

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